At first, mindfulness can seem like an intangible concept. However, practicing mindfulness is , quite simply, the act of concentrating on your breathing, being aware of your breath and being of what is going on around you in the present moment. The more you do it, the more the simplicity of it becomes clear […]

Meditation – The benefits

Meditation as a lot of benefits to your mental health some of you might ask what is meditation the answer is simple its relaxation and not concentration its more about not concentrating on something its becoming thoughtless.   The benefits of Meditation   · You will have a clam mind · You will gain great […]

Food & Mood

I was thinking could the foods you eat reflect your mood   The answer is yes food is very important to your mental health and how often you eat is just as important.   The importance of eating regularly is important as if blood sugar drops you might feel tired, irritable and depressed. Eating regularly […]


I wanted to write about something that wasn’t counselling related but more realistic to the world we live in at present and the importance of friendships So friendship – what does that mean? Friendship means to me someone who is there with you through thick and thin no matter what; people who are there to […]

The Counselling Room

Why do people feel daunted in participating in counselling?   I get asked this a lot by friends and family and I say it’s for various of reasons which it is and they turn around and say I couldn’t talk to a complete stranger about my problems or I would feel embarrassed by doing that. […]

Loneliness in a crowd

Feeling lonely doesn’t mean you are on your own you can be in a crowded room and feel lonely, be with friends and still feel lonely even being in a relationship and feel lonely.   So how to understand your feeling of loneliness you could ask yourself some questions:   1 When do you feel […]